Pass in a text string and generate the code necessary to program a minipov module from
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This node.js program takes in a string and spits out the text representation of the binary code needed to program the miniPOV project as described on

There are good software build instructions here:

Other browser based generators can be found at these locations:

The font used in minipov.js is adapted from a project found here:


node minipov.js Hi\ there\!

Note: As of right now, the only characters supported are: 0 through 9, A through Z, a through z, ! and space

Also Note: The code generated from here is based on the largeimage.c example in the examples

Third Note: It's written for node.js, but could easily be made to work in the browser or anywhere else javascript can be used. The only thing that is really node.js specific is processing the command line arguments.