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Dog is a command line application that executes automated tasks.

Using Dog

List all tasks in current project


Execute a task

dog taskname

Execute a task, printing elapsed time and exit status

dog -i taskname

What is a Dogfile?

Dogfile is a specification that uses YAML to describe the tasks related to a project. We think that the specification will be finished (no further breaking changes) by the v1.0.0 version of Dog.

Installing Dog

If you are using macOS you can install Dog using brew:

brew tap dogtools/dog
brew install dog

If you have your golang environment set up, you can use:

go get -u

Other tools

Tools that use the Dogfile Specification are called dogtools. Dog is the first dogtool but there are other things that can be implemented in the future: web and desktop UIs, chat bot interfaces, plugins for text editors and IDEs, tools to export Dogfiles to other formats, HTTP API interfaces, even implementations of the cli in other languages!

The root directory of this repository contains the dog package that can be used to create dogtools in Go.

import ""

Check the examples/ directory to see how it works.


If you want to help, take a look at the open bugs, the list of all issues and our Code of Conduct.