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import httplib
import urllib
from StringIO import StringIO
import gzip
import simplejson as json
except ImportError:
import json
DEBUG = True
DEBUG = False
class Stackpy:
host = ''
version = '2.0'
site = None
key = '7YoesYKhJ0cCBsoJc)JaRQ(('
access_token = None
def __init__(self):
self.connection = httplib.HTTPSConnection(, strict=True)
def _api_fetch(self, endpoint, site=None, siteless=False, item_type=None,
params = {}
if not siteless:
if not site:
site =
if not site:
site = 'stackoverflow'
params['site'] = site
if self.key:
params['key'] = self.key
if self.access_token:
params['access_token'] = self.access_token
#TODO Barf if no key
url = "/%s/%s?%s" % (self.version, endpoint, urllib.urlencode(params))
self.connection.request('GET', url)
response = self.connection.getresponse()
#TODO Handle various forms of failure...
data =
data = self._decompress(data)
data = json.loads(data)
# If error_id we assume it's all dead Jim
# TODO It may not be the case that error => total failure
if 'error_id' in data:
raise StackpyError(data['error_id'], data['error_name'],
data = Response(self, data, item_type)
if data.backoff:
#TODO Handle backoff
print 'Got backoff of %d - currently unhandled...' % data.backoff
return data
def _decompress(self, data):
#TODO Handle cases other than "blind gunzip"
buf = StringIO(data)
gzipfile = gzip.GzipFile(fileobj=buf)
data =
return data
def sites(self, **kwargs):
return self._api_fetch('/sites', siteless=True, item_type=Site, **kwargs)
def users(self, ids=None, **kwargs):
if ids is not None:
if len(ids) == 0:
return Response(self, {'items': []}, None)
ids = _join_ids(ids)
users = self._api_fetch('/users/%s' % ids, item_type=User, **kwargs)
users = self._api_fetch("/users", item_type=User, **kwargs)
return users
def user_badges(self, user_ids, **kwargs):
ids = _join_ids(user_ids)
return self._api_fetch("/users/%s/badges" % ids, item_type=Badge, **kwargs)
def me(self):
#TODO Assert access_token
return self._api_fetch('/me', item_type=User)
def _join_ids(ids):
int_ids = [int(id_) for id_ in ids] #Convert to ints first, so we TypeError on invalid ids
return ';'.join([str(id_) for id_ in ids])
class Base(object):
def __init__(self, stackpy, data):
self.stackpy = stackpy
if DEBUG: = data
print data
for key, value in data.iteritems():
if key.startswith('_'):
setattr(self, key, self._coerce(key, value))
def _coerce(self, key, value):
return value
class Response(Base):
""" """
backoff = None
def __init__(self, stackpy, data, item_type=None):
super(Response, self).__init__(stackpy, data)
# TODO Handle item_type being None / a type being included
item_objs = [item_type(stackpy, item) for item in self.items]
self.items = item_objs
class StackpyError(Exception):
def __init__(self, error_id, name, description):
self.error_id = error_id = name
self.description = description
def __str__(self):
return '(%d) %s: %s' % (self.error_id,, self.description)
class User(Base):
def _coerce(self, key, value):
if key == 'badge_counts':
return BadgeCount(self.stackpy, value)
return value
def badges(self, **kwargs):
return self.stackpy.user_badges([self.user_id], **kwargs)
class BadgeCount(Base):
class Site(Base):
class Badge(Base):
def oauth_explicit_one(client_id, redirect_uri, scope=None, state=None):
url = ''
params = {'client_id': client_id, 'redirect_uri': redirect_uri}
if scope is not None:
params['scope'] = scope
if state is not None:
params['state'] = state
return '%s?%s' % (url, urllib.urlencode(params))
def oauth_explicit_two(client_id, client_secret, code, redirect_uri):
params = {'client_id': client_id, 'client_secret': client_secret,
'code': code, 'redirect_uri': redirect_uri}
headers = {'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'}
connection = httplib.HTTPSConnection('', strict=True)
connection.request('POST', '/oauth/access_token', urllib.urlencode(params), headers)
# Charles
#connection = httplib.HTTPConnection('localhost:8888')
#connection.request('POST', '', urllib.urlencode(params))
response = connection.getresponse()