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Experimental implementation of AGS D3D11 extensions for DXVK
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AGS D3D11 extensions for DXVK

Provides a rudimentary proof-of-concept implementation of some of the D3D11 extensions available in the AMD AGS SDK for DXVK. Requires DXVK Version 1.2 or later.

The currently supported features include:

  • Depth bounds test
  • Multi-Draw Indirect
  • Multi-Draw Indirect with Indirect Count
  • UAV Overlap


This project was started as an experiment to test whether DXVK can benefit from AMD optimizations in Capcom's RE Engine, specifically in Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5.

Build instructions

Like DXVK, this library is being built as a Windows DLL using MinGW, and has essentially the same build requirements.

In order to build the DLL for the default AGS version, currently 5.2, run:

meson --cross-file build-win64.txt --buildtype release --prefix /your/path build
cd build
ninja install

The compiled DLL will be located in /your/path/bin/amd_ags_x64.dll.

Currently there is no convenient way to select the AGS version to build without modifying the source code. The version to build can be changed by changing the amd_ags_5.2.h include in src/ags_private.h to one of the files in the inc directory.

32-bit builds, as well as winelib builds and MSVC are not supported, and will not be supported due to the experimental nature of the project.

How to use

Games that support AGS usually come with their own copy of amd_ags_x64.dll. This file needs to be replaced with your built DLL.

Note that the version you build must match the version of the DLL that the game ships. AGS versions are not backwards-compatible. Version 5.2 is used in the aforementioned RE Engine games.

Note: The current implementation is very crude and may cause bugs or crashes in some games.

Expected results

On an RX 480, depending on the graphics settings and resolution, performance in Resident Evil 2 improves by 1-3% with AGS optimizations enabled.

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