installs Aegir with all prerequisites on bare Ubuntu server. Select the appropriate branch for Ubuntu versions.
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Aegir 1.x install scripts for Ubuntu servers

Few scripts to help install Aegir 1.x ( with all prerequisites
on bare Ubuntu servers, on a local network or on virtual machines.

The scripts:
1. it installs the Aegir master server
2. <AEGIR-SERVER-IP>: installs remote servers to be managed by Aegir
3. installs DNS services on Aegir master or remote servers

These scripts help Aegir users
- to quick start with Aegir installation on Ubuntu
- install all software requirements
- set Aegir and Drush versions as required
- configure the system parameters
- run the Aegir install script
- apply patches if needed

Getting started
- install a bare Ubuntu server, with OpenSSH
- login and switch to root ('sudo su')
- choose the appropriate Ubuntu branch on Github and download the script
- starts with the script, then eventually install some
  remote servers by the script, and pick one server for
  the DNS service, and install it via
- check and change the versions for Aegir & Drush in the script
- prepare your server
    - set a fix IP address to the server
    - adapt the hostname in /etc/hostname
    - update /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf
  as described in the script
- change access and execution rights: chmod 775
- execute the script
- follow the instruction on the terminal, answer few questions during install

- the install scripts work with Aegir 1.x,
- the and the scripts has been
  only tested on Ubuntu 11.10
- Do not use on production environments
- It has no security hardening