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dokku-acl Build Status

Access Control List management for Dokku.

This plugin adds the ability to restrict push privileges for app to certain users.


  • dokku 0.4.0+
  • docker 1.8.x


# on 0.3.x
cd /var/lib/dokku/plugins
git clone acl
dokku plugins-install

# on 0.4.x
dokku plugin:install acl


acl:add <app> <user>      Allow user to push to this repository
acl:info                  Show information on configuring this plugin
acl:list <app>            Show list of users with access to repository
acl:remove <app> <user>   Revoke users access to the repository


There are no restrictions to pushing at first. After you create an app, use dokku acl:add your-app your-user to restrict access for certain user. After an allowed user list is created for app, no other user will be able to push.

To remove the restrictions, remove all users from the ALC list. You can check it using dokku acl:info

You cannot modify the ACL list by ssh (ssh target-host dokku acl:add …), you have to do it using local command.

defining users

Every user has their entry in ~dokku/.ssh/authorized_keys. Use $NAME environment variable to define the username.

default behavior

By default every user can push to repositories and even create new ones. You can change that by creating an admin user by defining $DOKKU_SUPER_USER env in ~dokku/.dokkurc/acl:

export DOKKU_SUPER_USER=puck

If defined, this user is always allowed to push, and empty ACL is restricting access to all other users.