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React CSV Downloader

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A simple react component to allow download CSV file from js object


npm install --save-dev react-csv-downloader


Use with children component

import CsvDownloader from 'react-csv-downloader';


Use without children component

<CsvDownloader text="Download"/>


pass the downloaded datas as a component prop

const datas = [{
  cell1: 'row 1 - cell 1',
  cell2: 'row 1 - cell 2'
}, {
  cell1: 'row 2 - cell 1',
  cell2: 'row 2 - cell 2'

<CsvDownloader datas={datas}/>


pass the columns definition as a component prop to change the cell display name. If column isn't passed the cell display name is automatically defined with datas keys

const columns = [{
  id: 'cell1',
  displayName: 'Cell 1'
}, {
  id: 'cell2',
  displayName: 'Cell 2'

<CsvDownloader columns={columns}/>

You can also use the columns definition to set the columns display order


Name Type Default Required Description
bom boolean true false Activate or desactivate bom mode
columns array of object null false Columns definition
datas array of object null true Downloaded datas
filename string null true You can pass the filename without extension. The extension is automatically added
separator string ',' false
noHeader bool false false If true the header isn't added to the csv file
prefix string or boolean false false Filename prefix. If true prefix becomes a date in YYYYMMDDhhiiss format
suffix string or boolean false false Filename suffix/postfix. If true suffix becomes a date in YYYYMMDDhhiiss format
text string null false Download button text. Used if no children component.

Full example

pass the downloaded datas as a component prop

render() {
  const columns = [{
    id: 'first',
    displayName: 'First column'
  }, {
    id: 'second',
    displayName: 'Second column'

  const datas = [{
    first: 'foo',
    second: 'bar'
  }, {
    first: 'foobar',
    second: 'foobar'

  return (
        text="DOWNLOAD" />

// content of myfile.csv
// First column;Second column
// foo;bar
// foobar;foobar


MIT License