Dolittle is a platform designed to build Line of Business applications without sacrificing architectural quality, code quality or scalability.
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Important information

Since Dolittle is in alpha and in a volatile state with things moving around and you want to try things out. You might want to consider looking at the stabile version called Bifrost with its documentation sitting here.


All the different projects has their own issues and we keep track of everything in our Waffle Board

Stories in Ready

Read about how we do our issues here.


Read our contribution guide and get familiar with our code of conduct.


This repository holds the issues across all projects organized in the Projects tab above.It also contains the links to all the projects organized from here.

Getting Started

Go to our documentation site and learn more about the project and how to get started.


Dolittle consists of quite a few projects all geared towards different aspects. All these aspects has an organization representing them:

Aspect Description
 Home / Main  Our landing point - the home of Dolittle. This is where you'll find things like the DotNet SDK, Runtime and Fundamentals
Interaction All interaction layers are found here. An interaction layer is for instance a frontend, API or similar
Tools All tools for the platform
Platform Most of Dolittle is open source, but there are aspects associated with the hosted experience that is closed source; this is where we keep these - privately. All issues are however represented by a public repository
Extensions All extensions provided to the frameworks and platform is found here. For instance things like our Autofac support, or MongoDB Event Store
Samples All samples for using Dolittle
Entropy When we want to try out new things, we keep them here first. A way of brainstorming around new concepts and ideas.
Contribs Contributions to the platform. This is often a stepping stone on becoming formalized into the core frameworks and platform.
Boilerplates Boilerplates for tooling experience for getting started with different projects and artifacts

Project map

Project Description
DotNET.Build Common build, settings and tools for .NET core developers
DotNET.Fundamentals Fundamental generic building blocks for .NET
DotNET.SDK The .NET SDK for interacting with Dolittle
DotNET.DependencyInversion.Autofac The .NET SDK for interacting with Dolittle
Runtime Runtime for Dolittle - this is the core of the platform
MongoDB Event Store Event Store implementation for MongoDB
In Memory Event Store Event Store implementation for InMemory
MongoDB Read Models ReadModel support for for MongoDB
JavaScript Build Common build for JavaScript based repositories
JavaScript.Fundamentals Fundamental generic building blocks for JavaScript
AspNetCore The interaction for ASP.NET Core - typically API endpoints
Styles The Dolittle styles framework
JavaScript The core reusable JavaScript building blocks for interaction
JavaScript.Client The client reusable JavaScript building blocks for interaction
Digital Twin Studio Our Digital Twin Studio - interaction
JavaScript.Build.Aurelia Our build pipeline for Aurelia based applications
cli  Command Line Interace for working with the Dolittle platform
vscode  Visual Studio Code extension
Continuous Improvement Our continuous improvement system
Sentry Our federated identity, access and licensing gateway
Registry Our application registry
Studio Our studio - the Dolittle portal


Platform Production From CI
.NET Fundamentals NuGet MyGet
.NET Runtime NuGet MyGet
.NET SDK NuGet MyGet
ASP.NET Core NuGet MyGet
Autofac NuGet MyGet
Runtime.Events.MongoDB NuGet MyGet
ReadModels.MongoDB NuGet MyGet

Build Status

Project Windows Linux / macOS
.NET Fundamentals Build status AppVeyor tests Travis Build Status
.NET Runtime AppVeyor Build Status AppVeyor tests Travis Build Status
.NET SDK AppVeyor Build Status AppVeyor tests Travis Build Status
ASP.NET Core AppVeyor Build Status AppVeyor tests
Autofac AppVeyor Build Status AppVeyor tests
ReadModels.MongoDB AppVeyor Build status AppVeyor tests
Runtime.Events.MongoDB Build status AppVeyor tests