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hrydgard committed Jul 12, 2008
1 parent a3be5d8 commit 775dc8a9c0c83f7a2f776e97f5b90385c759535a
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@@ -0,0 +1,155 @@
All Shines
00E60AE1 18000000
Open all levels and nozzles
00E60AE0 18000000
04570958 FFFFFFFF
8 red coins(press L & B)
00E61642 18000000
0A3FBBF4 00000240
025709DE 00000008
Infinite hover time
00E61520 18000000
042640BC 60000000
Infinite water
00E6151F 18000000
04263F58 38002710
042635B0 60000000
Infinite health
00E60ADF 18000000
424057F4 00040009
+99 lives
00E60ADE 18000000
00570967 00000063
+Test Level
00B86425 08000000
043E9710 00000C01
+Low Gravity
00B809F5 08000000
4240E12C 05003E00
Jesus Mode A.K.A. Walk on Water D-Pad Up/Down = On/Off
00B813BC 08000000
04002F00 3C608041
04002F04 8063E12C
04002F08 80C3FFCC
04002F0C 2C060000
04002F10 4D820020
04002F14 C2660008
04002F18 EE852824
04002F1C EE93A02A
04002F20 FC019840
04002F24 4C800020
04002F28 FC20A090
04002F2C 38C00008
04002F30 90C30248
04002F34 4E800020
0A404454 00000008
04189854 4BE796AC
0A404454 00000004
04189854 4E800020
+Do Not Have To Move Before Triple Jump
00B819B3 08000000
4240E10C 06B00000
Spin Jump Gravity - Really Slow Fall
00B86E48 08000000
4240E10C 058E3D00
Spin Jump Gravity - Almost No Fall
00B8369D 08000000
4240E10C 058E0000
Spin Jump Gravity - Fall Really Fast
00B86350 08000000
4240E10C 058E4200
Spin Jump Gravity - Normal Speed
00B80454 08000000
4240E10C 058E3EB3
+Insane heat waves Crazy colors everywhere!
00B80485 08000000
043AA070 41200000
Double vision heat wave (narrow)
00B856EB 08000000
043AA070 3F600000
Double vision heat wave (wide)
00B85C4A 08000000
043AA070 3F400000
Use only one of following two. Vanish point visual distortion
00B842EC 08000000
043AB304 3E000000
Hard to select file, activators will work if you add them.. Camera is far out
00B82579 08000000
043AB304 3F000000
X textures
00B80A69 08000000
043DB210 41200000
Y textures
00B80605 08000000
043DB224 41200000
Z textures
00B86358 08000000
043DB238 41200000
Strangely distorted people
00B82C96 08000000
0440CC24 3F900000
Mute game
00B87829 08000000
04417248 00000000
Magnify camera
00B87EB7 08000000
04417690 3F900000
Warped camera view
00B851AB 08000000
044176A8 3E000000
Poorly Shaded Mario
00B87DA5 08000000
044176FC 00000000
Nozzle Modifier Press the buttons below to switch to another nozzle. You must have your nozzle set to squirt for it to work. You will never use another nozzle box again!! Just kidding.B+D-Pad Up:Rocket NozzleB+D-Pad Left:Turbo NozzleB+D-Pad Right:Hover NozzleB+D-Pad Down:Jump Nozzle
00B83682 08000000
0A404454 00000208
04269F50 3BE00001
0A404454 00000204
04269F50 3BE00002
0A404454 00000201
04269F50 3BE00005
0A404454 00000202
04269F50 3BE00004
Always Green Yoshi
00B80C27 08000000
405F3A90 04AE4C00
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