Save JitIL! Fix bug so JitIL actually runs again. #1036

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phire commented Sep 8, 2014

This Pr fixes a bug in JitIL that was introduced by #926 a few days ago.

Brings JitIL up to a runnable state again. Conflicts with #1023

@phire phire Fix bug in Load Paired so JitIL actually runs again.
Was broken in the PowerPCState Register PR a few days ago.
phire commented Sep 8, 2014

I've always wondered how fast JitIL would go if someone actually spent some time fixing it up.

It has always had the potential to be faster than Jit64, but it was never finished. I actually spent last night thinking about possible improvements to JitIL, so I was a little disheartened to wake up and find a PR killing it.

The argument for killing JitIL is certainly strong, It has suffered a lot of code rot and missed out on so many optimisations over the years, especially in the last month with @FioraAeterna's jit assault. Currently the code rot is so bad, that almost no games run and nobody is maintaining it.

This commit is just the start. It restores JitIL's ability to run the PovRay benchmark.

@phire phire JitIL: Fix matching bug in Store Paired.
Most non-wii, non-mmu games run now.
phire commented Sep 8, 2014

Most gamecube games run now.

BhaaLseN commented Sep 8, 2014

+1 for saving JitIL; wish I had more time than just doing the occasional code review and actually work on it again.
Using an IL provides a huge potential for doing all sorts of optimizations, so I'd be really sad if #1023 wins over this one.

comex commented Sep 11, 2014


JMC47 commented Sep 11, 2014

This should be merged ASAP if it doesn't affect JIT or Interpreter. This restores JITIL functionality in most GameCube games (MMU games + games it failed on before still don't work) and some Wii games (is valid wii apparently fails on others.)

Confirmed Wii games working - Mario Party 8, Pokemon Battle Revolution, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, and seemingly any Virtual Console Title.

Broken Wii games - Mario Party 9 (spits out error after a while), NSMBWii (Boots the system menu,) Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Block Party, Game Party 2 and likely many more.

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