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go get github.com/domainr/whois

Whois client for Go (golang), inspired by Ruby Whois. Currently in production use at Domainr.


func whois.Whois(query string) *whois.Record  // Fetches and returns a fully-parsed whois.Record

request = whois.NewRequest(query)             // Returns a prepared whois.Request
response = whois.DefaultClient.Fetch(request) // Fetches the request, returns a whois.Response
record = response.Parse()                     // (not implemented yet) Parses the response, returns a whois.Record

whois.Request  // represents a qualified whois request, including server, URL, and request body
whois.Response // intermediate record, raw response from a whois server for a given query
whois.Record   // parsed whois response; structured data


query := "domai.nr"
request, err := whois.NewRequest(query)
response, err := whois.DefaultClient.Fetch(request)
record, err := response.Parse() // not implemented yet
if record.Refer != "" {
  response = whois.FetchRefer(record)


  • Create whois.Client
  • Embed an http.Client in whois.Client to reuse state
  • Implementations for known HTTP-based whois servers
  • Parsers


This code is made available under an MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.

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