C# .Net library to interact with Tokens.Net cryptocurrency exchange.
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Tokens .Net.csproj


Tokens .Net

C# .Net library to interact with Tokens.Net cryptocurrency exchange.


  • Tokens.Net exchange is currently in Beta stage, endpoints or API accesses can change.


Library uses Newtonsoft Json.Net, use NuGet Install-Package Newtonsoft.Json


Public Methods

To access public methods such as ticker, order books or trades create new exchange object. You don't need to create an API key for these methods.

Exchange exchange = new Exchange();

List all trading pairs on the platform.

List<TradingPair> pairs = exchange.GetTradingPairs();

Get ticker for BTC / USDT pair.

Ticker ticker = exchange.GetTicker("btcusdt", hourlyTimeSpan: false);

Or use list of trading pairs to access their tickers.

List<TradingPair> pairs = exchange.GetTradingPairs();
Ticker ticker = exchange.GetTicker(pairs[0].ToString(), hourlyTimeSpan: false);

Get trades for a time frame.

List<Trade> trades = exchange.GetTrades("btcusdt", Utils.TimeFrame.Day);
List<Trade> trades = exchange.GetTrades(pairs[0].ToString(), Utils.TimeFrame.Day);

Access order book for a trading pair

OrderBook orderBook = exchange.GetOrderBook("btcusdt");
long timeStamp = orderBook.TimeStamp;
foreach (OrderBook.OrderBookEntry entry in orderBook.Bids)
    double amount = entry.Amount;
    double price = entry.Price;

Private Methods

Make sure to create your API and secret keys on Tokens plaftorm HERE. Also make sure to follow Token's Security Policy.

Create an account object using generated API and secret keys from your Tokens account. Don't worry, these keys don't work.

Account account = new Account(apiKey: "ylFzUtpBQOhdPSIobIjKlmZIX7wKPgmU", secretKey: "HkMtoAh3jvxakKCRdRNUa3XeTW7d3nlF");

Get account's balance for currency:

double balance = account.GetBalance(currency: "dtr").Available;

Get open orders for a trading pair or get all open orders on account.

List<Order> orders = account.GetAllOrders(tradingPair: "dtrusdt");
List<Order> allOrders = account.GetAllOrders();

List one order only by its ID.

Order order = account.GetOrder("27f7c3d1-ba36-433f-9473-44dc4e57c238");

Place an order. Returns orderID or null if there was an error.

string orderID = account.AddLimitOrder("dtrusdt", Trade.TradeType.Sell, 30, 3000);
if (orderID != null)
  //  Order was placed!

Cancel an order with corresponding ID.

bool result = account.CancelOrder("062843cf-c550-4da1-bb82-734b0fd16f00");