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Mister Bob (the builder) is filesystem template renderer
Python Makefile
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Merge pull request #75 from gotcha/master

add new line to fix REST rendering
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@domenkozar authored


Mister Bob the Builder creates directory skeletons.



  • [medium] refactor Python API
  • [medium] gittip
  • [medium] add +var+ folder in template_sample
  • [medium] Check how one would implement multi-namespace python package with current mr.bob api
  • [low] Ability to configure what to ignore when copying templates in bobconfig (as a hook?)
  • [low] better format print questions output (keep order of questions -> use order information like for asking questions)
  • [low] document we don't need local commands once answers are remembered (just issue another template on top of current)
  • [low] ability to specify variables/defaults to questions from cli
  • [maybe] ability to simulate rendering (dry-run)
  • [maybe] ability to update/patch templates
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