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+This is the README file for Monitoring-Spooler, an daemon for
+queueing and delivery of monitoring notifications.
+## Description
+Monitoring::Spooler is a handy queue manager for queueing
+and delivery of monitoring notifications. It is able to
+handle several groups of on-call personel and provides
+an extensible plugin mechanism to connect it to virtually any
+remote service which provides some kind of API.
+It is designed to work nicely with App::Standby.
+## Installation
+This package uses Dist::Zilla.
+dzil build
+to create a release tarball which can be
+unpacked and installed like any other EUMM
+perl Makefile.PL
+make test
+make install
+## Documentation
+Please see perldoc Monitoring::Spooler.

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