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Wonky is a port of slacking, to the JVM written in Groovy and SpringBoot.


"JDK" "Spring Boot"


  • A landing page you can point users to fill in their emails and receive an invite (


./gradlew clean bootRepackage


To run wonky you need a Slack API token. Note that the user you use to generate the token must be an admin. You may want to create a dedicated @wonky-inviter user (or similar) for this.

You can find your API token here

In order to run wonky you need to provide the following settings:

  • slack.token

By default wonky runs on port 3030, as any Spring Boot application you can chance the port as you wish.

Setting configuration values

You have different options for this:

  java -Dslack.token={your_token}{your_slack_host} -jar wonky-x.x.x.jar
  export SLACK_TOKEN={your_token_here}
  export SLACK_HOST={your_slack_host_here}
  java -jar build/libs/wonky-x.x.x.jar

Communities using Wonky

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