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Supported devices

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This page lists the Domoticz device types that are currently supported by Reacticz. When a device is not supported yet, a special widget will be displayed with some debug information.


This section lists the interactive widgets that Reacticz can display.

Type Comment Screenshot
Blinds Supports Blinds, Blinds Inverted, Venetian Blinds (EU/US), ASP blinds
Dimmer Hue lights and other dimmer-type devices are supported. Turns into a simple on/off switch when resized to a 1x1 block. dimmer (needs update)
Door Lock Since v0.1.21. Icon is hidden when resized to a 1x1 block. locked:
lock closed
lock open
Group Behaves like an On/Off switch, with an extra 'mixed' state when the controlled devices are not all on or off. group
MediaPlayer Simple On/Off switch only at the moment. Supports Sonos and Squeezebox devices. mediaplayer
On/Off Switch switch
Push On/Off Looks like the On/Off switch above, but behaves as a push button.
RGBW On/Off switch, swatch bar and hue bar. Turns into a simple on/off switch when resized to a 1x1 block. rgbw
Selector Both buttons and select-type layouts are supported. The 'hide off' option from Domoticz is also respected. selector1 selector2
Scene Stateless, acts like a push button. Clicking on it triggers the scene. scene
Thermostat Value blinks while modified, and stops blinking after it has been updated. thermostat

Sensors & virtual devices

This section lists the non-interactive widgets, such as sensors and other custom information. Since v0.1.20, the icon can be hidden by reducing the widget width to 1 block.

Type Comment Screenshot
Alert alert
Contact Also works with "Contact Door" sensors since v0.1.19 closed open
Energy P1 smart meter is supported (displays PROD and CONS only). energy
Gas gas
Lux sensor lux
Motion sensor motion_off motion_on
Percent The doughnut chart is dynamic and reflects the value. percent
Rain gauge rain_gauge
RFXMeter Icon might change depending on the unit type (eg. Gas). meter
Smoke detector Automatic detection for KD101 detector only at the moment. File an issue to add another type. See #94 for a manual detection method. smoke
Text Virtual Text devices show up as a simple text box. Since v0.1.18, the following HTML tags are supported: a, b, blockquote, br, caption, code, div, em, h3, h4, h5, h6, hr, i, img, li, nl, ol, p, pre, strike, strong, table, tbody, td, th, thead, tr, ul. Inline styling and some attributes are removed to prevent common XSS vectors.
Weather (Baro) Temp + Humidity + Baro device type. weather
Weather (Temp/Humidity) Temp, Humidity and Temp + Humidity device type are all supported. temp temp2 temphum humidity
Weather (Various) Solar radiation, UV and Visibility device type radiation uvi visibility
Wind Bearing is indicated by the orientation of the arrow icon. wind
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