Wireless Game Show Buzzer System with Arduino Nano and NRF24l01
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Game Show Buzzer System

Wireless Arduino Nano / NRF24l01 Buzzer system with Game-Master to reset the buzzer states. Only one Buzzer can "win". Each Buzzer trigger can have it's own audio playback.

Demonstration Video

click the image to play the demo video of the buzzer system

Master / Wav-Player

The game master controls the buzzers. It receives signal from the pressed buzzers and determines, who wins the race. The winner receives the "light on" signal. Optional you can add a Wav-Player, to support a buzzer sound on success.

Source code for master

Source code for wav-player

Circuit Layout

Buzzer and master circuit

note: the wave-player circuit layout is not included

Arduino Setup

Parts (Master)

  • Arduino Nano
  • NRF24l01
  • Touch Button (to reset lock)

Parts (Wav-Player) - optional

  • Arudino Nano
  • SDCard Reader for Arduino


The buzzer sends a button press to the master. Only if the buzzer "wins", the buzzer receives the command to turn on the light.

Source code for the buzzer


  • Arduino Nano
  • NRF24l01
  • LED (buzzer light)
  • Touch Button (buzzer)