The Llunatic Mapping and Cleaning Chase Engine
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Llunatic is a general purpose chase-engine that can be used both for data-repairing and data-exchange applications. Notable features of the system are:

  • It has been designed to guarantee very good scalability on large databases, up to millions of tuples.

  • It can be used to handle a wide variety of data-cleaning constraints, including functional dependencies, conditional functional dependencies, editing rules, fixing rules, denial constraints.

  • It supports user interactions in order to interactively complete the data-repairing process.

  • It fully supports both source-to-target and target tgds, and provides a new semantics to handle mappings and data repairing in a unified fashion.

  • It implements a fast, parallel chase algorithm, and has support for highly expressive mappings, like DEDs.

Additional material about the project can be found at the following address:

The code is distributed according to the terms of the GPLv3 license (see file LICENSE.txt)


How to import project in NetBeans

  1. In NetBeans, File -> Open projects... and select the project folder
  2. Execute ant target task gfp, either using command-line ant gfp, or using NetBeans (in the projects windows, right click on build.xml -> Run Target -> Other Targets -> gfp)