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Gocho - Local Network File Sharing Build Status

Gocho allows you to share a chosen directory with others on the same local network, without the need to setup Samba or OS-oriented settings. It provides a local dashboard which you can access through your browser, to discover what others are sharing without knowing other's IP addresses.

Run Gocho, browse to localhost:1337 and see what others are sharing!

alt Gocho dashboard

Building The Project:

If you want to help and contribute don't forget to check the Building document in order to have your environment ready.


Download the latest release for your operating system. Currently the following operating systems are being supported:

  • GNU/Linux 32 bits
  • GNU/Linux 64 bits
  • OSX
  • Windows 32 bits
  • Windows 64 bits

Download, unzip the file and add it to your path or a directory that is already in your system's path.

Example unix-like

$ unzip
$ mv gocho /usr/bin
$ gocho --help


Gocho needs to be executed using the command line in order to initiate the sharing.

There are two ways to start sharing:

  1. Specify the settings on a config file
  2. Specify the settings using command line flags.

Specify a settings file

Gocho reads a settings file that is located at $USER_HOME/.gocho.conf. The format of the file is as follows:

NodeId: my-computer
WebPort: "5555"
LocalPort: "1337"
ShareDirectory: /home/user/some/directory

If you want Gocho to create this file for you, it's possible to run the configuration wizard by running:

$ gocho configure

Which will ask for the different settings and create a .gocho.conf file.

Once settings file is created, run the next to start sharing:

$ gocho start

alt Gocho wizard

Use command line flags

If you don't want to specify a configuration file, or want to share a directory which is not specified on the .gocho.conf file, run:

$ gocho start --dir /some/directory --id my-computer-tmp

This is the list of available flags

Flag Description
--id {value} Node ID that will be shared to other peers (Required)
--dir {value} Directory to share (Required)
--share-port {value} Port that will be exposed for file sharing (default: "5555")
--local-port {value} Port for local dashboard (default: "1337")

alt Gocho flags


Licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more details.


A local area network file-sharing application with nodes auto-discovery







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