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- Apologies but the NYT clue data-set is no longer available. 
- Feel free to contact me directly if you have questions. (2/25/2018)

NYTimes Crossword Data

This is a CSV dump of collected data representing clues and answers from The New York Times crossword over almost 16 years.

It spans December 1993 through to July 2017. The data was first collected for a small project to build a search engine with it. The clues.txt files is about 13.1MB in size and contains 432,205 clues with answers.


The data is a tab-delimited CSV with the columns (omitted), in this order:


For example:

"1048337","Jul2814A24",,"nytimes","Jul2814.puz","2014-07-28 00:00:00","Monday","6","A","24",,"0","nytimes","Cutters that cut with the grain","RIPSAWS"
"1048338","Jul3015A48",,"nytimes","Jul3015.puz","2015-07-30 00:00:00","Thursday","3","A","48",,"0","nytimes","Ill-looking","PALE"
"1048336","Jul3015D47",,"nytimes","Jul3015.puz","2015-07-30 00:00:00","Thursday","3","D","47",,"0","nytimes","Like some tea","HERBAL"
"1048335","Jul2814D23",,"nytimes","Jul2814.puz","2014-07-28 00:00:00","Monday","6","D","23",,"0","nytimes","With great attention to detail","MINUTELY"
"1048333","Jul2814A22",,"nytimes","Jul2814.puz","2014-07-28 00:00:00","Monday","6","A","22",,"0","nytimes","Portent","OMEN"
"1048329","Jul2814A20",,"nytimes","Jul2814.puz","2014-07-28 00:00:00","Monday","6","A","20",,"0","nytimes","In the manner of","ALA"


There may be gaps in the data. Let me know if you find any.

To do

  • Recover 2006. - DONE
  • Re-insert day, full-date - DONE
  • Across/Down, Clue Numbers (there were enough discrepancies that made it better to commit than include)