PHP Helper to interact with the API.
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Donor Tools API helper for PHP

Special thanks to Andrew Buzzell and Brett Meyer for sharing this PHP helper with the world.

Donor Tools is a web-based donor management system for charities and nonprofits. We provide a robust REST API for customers to interact with their data through external web services.

API Documentation

Please read our API documentation in our User Guide and on our support forum

Sample Rails App

We have provided a sample Ruby on Rails-based app that consumes the Donor Tools API. You may find it useful for learning how the API works and how it expects and returns data. You can download the sample app from Github:


Donor Tools API is a beta product and is provided on a best-effort basis. Use of the Donor Tools API is subject to the API License Agreement:

The "Donor Tools PHP Helper" is provided as-is and comes with no warranty whatsoever.