Utility that can extract the internal forms represenation from both EFI and UEFI modules.
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Universal IFR Extractor

Utility that can extract the internal forms representation from both EFI and UEFI modules and convert it into a human readable format.

You can download an executable here.

© 2014 donovan6000


v0.6 6/16/2014

  • Added support for multiple string packages being used by one form.

v0.5 3/2/2014

  • Fixed an issue that caused it to crash older versions of Windows.
  • Corrected form set offsets that were off by four bytes.

v0.4 2/10/2014

  • Fixed an issue with ASROCK FM2-A55M's Setup module.

v0.3 2/8/2014

  • Shows entire command's hex sequence in output.

v0.2 2/7/2014

  • I think I fixed the issue that prevented it from running on Windows XP.
  • Doesn't require any additional DLLs anymore.
  • The extract dialog now starts in the selected modules directory.
  • Fix the issue where it crashed on a few Acer BIOS. Thanks BDMaster!

v0.1 1/7/2014

  • Initial release.