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English 简体中文

A modified version of the rclone Provide dynamic replacement sa file support for google drive operation


bash <(wget -qO-
// View version information
gclone version


1.service_account_file_path Configuration

add service_account_file_path Configuration.For dynamic replacement service_account_file(sa文件). Replace configuration when rateLimitExceeded error occurs rclone.conf example:

type = drive  
scope = drive  
service_account_file = /root/accounts/1.json  
service_account_file_path = /root/accounts/  
root_folder_id = root  

/root/accounts/ Folder contains multiple access and edit permissions service account file(.json)*.

2.Support incoming id

If the original rclone is across team disks or shared folders, multiple configuration drive letters are required for operation. gclone supports incoming id operation

gclone copy gc:{folde_id1} gc:{folde_id2}  --drive-server-side-across-configs

folde_id1 can be:Common directory, shared directory, team disk.

gclone copy gc:{folde_id1} gc:{folde_id2}/media/  --drive-server-side-across-configs

gclone copy gc:{share_fiel_id} gc:{folde_id2}  --drive-server-side-across-configs
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