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To use this program, assert it is located in your $PATH. Then, simply run it
like any other program. You will be presented with a dialog asking you whether
you want to logout, reboot or shutdown. Reboot and shutdown should work out of
the box (if you have permission - see below); logout will only work without
further configuration if you are using Openbox.
* Python 2.4+
* PyGTK 2.6+
* gksu (not needed if you use the consolekit patch)
To use logout from different window managers, export the environment variable
LOGOUT_COMMAND, setting it to the command needed to perform a logout from your
window manager. Alternatively, you can leave LOGOUT_COMMAND unset and specify
the command as an argument to pygtk-shutdown. In this case, there is no
need to escape the command, as it will be taken as a literal string.
Optional Requirements:
* consolekit (if you want to use consolekit rather than /sbin/shutdown and gksudo)
* pm-utils (if you want suspend and hibernate support but no consolekit)
* upower (if you want suspend and hibernate support with consolekit)
There are included patches for support for consolekit, consolekit+upower, or pm-utils
To install this program, copy it to a location in the system $PATH, or store
it elsewhere and create a symbolic link to it in $PATH. The program itself
does not require any more installation.
Notice: in order to use pygtk-shutdown, the user you are calling it as
must have sudo permission to execute /sbin/shutdown. See INSTALL and
sudoers(5) for more information.
You will need to add the users you wish to grant permission to use this
program to /etc/sudoers; see sudoers(5). It is recommended you give your user
permission to use the /sbin/shutdown program without a password, though not
necessary (but the user will be prompted for a password). In any case, your
users need permission to execute /sbin/shutdown through sudo, with or without
a password.
To apply one of the patches, use the patch utility:
patch pygtk-shutdown PATCHNAME.patch

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