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A small, hacky KDED module for handling automatic screen rotation on tablets and hybrid laptops.
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KDED module for handling automatic screen rotation on X11, with visual feedback before orientation change happens. Some assembly might be required.


Run ./ and install missing dependencies as needed.

You'll most likely need qt5-qtbase-devel, cmake-utils, extra-cmake-modules, iio-sensor-proxy, xrandr, qt5-qtsensors and kf5-kded-devel. Depending on your distribution, these packages might have different names. CMake will tell you which packages it is missing.


orientation-helper is where the actual screen rotation happens. This is achieved by calling xrandr --rotation $value, which works in most circumstances. You can adjust orientation-helper to fit your setup and reinstall to apply.

To reduce or increase the timer before the rotation happens, adjust timer.start(25); in screenrotator.cpp:

void ScreenRotator::startProgress() {
	if (progress == -1) {
		progress = 0;
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