Rollup plugin to allow relative include paths in project files
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Let you use relative paths in your import directives, like this:

// from src/lib/one/foo.js
import { Foo } from 'one/foo';

// from src/other/two/bar.js
import { Bar } from 'two/bar';


In your rollup configuration file:

import includePaths from 'rollup-plugin-includepaths';

let includePathOptions = {
    include: {},
    paths: ['src/lib', 'src/other'],
    external: [],
    extensions: ['.js', '.json', '.html']

export default {
    entry: './app.js',
    format: 'cjs',
    dest: 'public/app.min.js',
    plugins: [ includePaths(includePathOptions) ],


paths = ['']

An array of source paths in your project where the plugin should look for files

Example: ['src/lib', 'src/foo']

By default, resolve files from working dir


A map of module=>path/to/file.js with custom module paths. Used to override the search with a static path (like Browserify does with the "browser" config).

Use this option if you want to skip the file resolution and directly resolve a module name to a given path.


include: {
    // Import example: import angular from 'angular';
    'angular': 'bower_components/angular/angular.js'


An array of module names that should be excluded from the bundle (external modules).

By default, all the node built-in modules will be marked as external.

To include the built-ins, you can use the builtins plugin and set this config to an empty array.


// will not include the module 'angular' in the final bundle
external: ['angular']


An array of file extensions to look for in the project.

Default: ['.js', '.json']