Universal Windows Platform line of business application showcasing the latest Windows 10 capabilities such as Fluent Design System, Ink and Windows Hello.
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NOTE: This repo is obsolete. Please, visit the new project at VanArsdel Inventory Sample

This repo contains a UWP sample application for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. It is focused on Line of Business scenarios, showing how to use the latest Windows capabilities in Desktop applications.

Some of the features showcased by this application include:

  • The MVVM Design Pattern
  • Use of Fluent Design System
  • Ink Capabilities
  • Windows Hello
  • Cortana
  • Telerik controls

CI Build Build status

CD Build Build status

What's new in version v 1.0.94

  • Support for multiple providers
    • New local provider
    • New REST API provider
  • Added Settings page
    • Manage and switch providers
  • New project eShop.Server ASP.NET Core 2.0
    • Emulates a Web API server with CRUD operations


System requirements:

  • Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. To run the application you should be running a Windows Version greater than 10.0.16299. You can get it as described here
  • Visual Studio 15.4 -> Download
    • Including the Windows 10 FCU SDK 10.0.16299

Getting Started

You can install a working version of the app from https://aka.ms/eshopuwp


Windows Ink

Select and edit multiple products using the Surface Pen. There are several signs with differents functions. This application recognizes a hand gesture and translate it to text. These are the supported forms:

  • Circle - "o" : Select multiple items
  • Tick - "v": Active or inactive the status
  • Cross - "x" : Remove an item

Windows Ink

Windows Hello

There are two ways to log-in, either with user/password or using Windows Hello. The first time the application is run, the user/password log in option will appear by default. You will be able to log-in through Windows Hello once you enter the user name and the button enabling to log-in is activated. Once you have logged-in using Windows Hello, your user will be saved and the next time you open the application Windows Hello authentication will appear as default. Depending on how your Windows Hello settings are (Settings/Accounts/Sign-in options), you will be able to authenticate by using:

  • Pin
  • Face recognition
  • Fingerprint
  • Et al.

Fluent Design

Acrylic material

Acrylic material is a type of Brush that creates a partially transparent texture.

Acrylic material

Connected animations

Connected animations let you create a dynamic and compelling navigation experience by animating the transition of an element between two different views.

Connected animations


Reveal is a lighting effect that helps bring depth and focus to your app's interactive elements.

Connected animations


ShyHeader demonstrates how to use ExpressionAnimations Tookit with a ScrollViewer to create a shinking header tied to scroll position.



You have to run Cortana at least once, because when done it installs the voice command definitions. Once it has been run, you can close the application and start using Cortana's search.

Voice Commands

These are some supported voice commands (Cortana may take time to refresh its voice commands):

  • "shop, show me mug type products"
  • "shop, give me shirt type products"
  • "shop, show me cap type products"
  • "shop, show me sheet type products"