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dotnet campus

.NET Campus (.NET 职业技术学院) is a team that explores .NET. Blogs:


  1. CUnit Public

    CUnit is short for Contracted Unit Test which means you only specify the contracts of a method then you can get the unit test results of the contracts. (或者你也可以称 Chinese Unit Test)

    C# 39 6

  2. SourceYard Public

    Add a NuGet package only for dll reference? By using dotnetCampus.SourceYard, you can pack a NuGet package with source code. By installing the new source code package, all source codes behaviors ju…

    C# 41 13

  3. wpf-issues Public

    This repository provides small demo programs and code snippets to reproduce several wpf-related bugs.

    C# 13 4

  4. COIN,Configuration\n。高性能应用程序配置文件和此配置文件的解析库。

    C# 41 9

  5. 高性能的多线程异步工具库。A collection of tools that support asynchronous methods and support high-performance multithreading.

    C# 120 32

  6. dotnetCampus.CommandLine is probably the fastest command line parser in all .NET open-source projects. Parsing a classical command line only takes 1091ns, thus 10 ticks.

    C# 12 3