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Welcome to the Marketing Committee

The marketing committee is here to help spread the message of openness in the .NET ecosystem. We support community and project initiatives, drive awareness and increase membership. We create consistent, powerful storytelling to increase share of conversation and establish industry relevance for the .NET Foundation.

View the .NET Foundation slide deck and use it to help us spread the word!

Do you have a piece of content or news you'd like us to promote? Any member can submit to the monthly newsletter & blog, or request content for social amplification via our Twitter and Facebook social channels.

How to Join & how we meet

We'd love to have you join the marketing committee! Post a message in the marketing discussion group if you are interested in committing your time to the group, let us know what you're interested in helping with and we'll get you assigned to a task.

.NET Foundation Marketing meetings

Occurs every first Thursday of the month from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM PT

Browse the meeting archive and let us know if you can help with any of our initiatives.

If you would like to join the marketing committee and contribute your time to this please nominate yourself in the marketing discussion group. We'd love to have you!

Main Goals of Marketing

  • Increase membership
  • Generate awareness (of .NET open source and the .NET Foundation)
  • Foster an open, healthy .NET community

Read more about the goals we have.

Marketing Activities

In order to achieve our goals we typically engage in the following marketing activities. Any member can submit to the newsletter, or request content for social amplification. Please join the marketing committee and help us with:

Marketing Proposals

Members can secure funds from the .NET Foundation Marketing Committee to perform marketing activities and drive initiatives that align to our goals and priorities. See Proposals for more information.


Many marketing assets are binary in nature (slides, spreadsheets, graphics & branding, trademark docs, etc.) and some are not meant to be publicized broadly. For these, marketing committee members have access to


Marketing working group







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