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Welcome to the System.CommandLine wiki!

Our goal

Give your users a great experience with your .NET console applications while letting you focus on the application you're writing.

System.CommandLine is a set of libraries for building command line applications, including parsing, invocation, and rendering.

The new System.CommandLine sets out to:

  • Reduce the time programmmers spend providing a command line API (CLI)
  • Improve the experience of the users of CLI programs

You can read more about it here:

Try it out

The simplest way to create your parser is with the experimental DragonFruit app model app model. This works well if you have a single layer of commands (no subcommands).

Your first app with System.CommandLine.DragonFruit

For more complex scenarios, you can use the core APIs directly.

Your first app with System.CommandLine


There's still a good deal of work to be done to make System.CommandLine great. If you want to help, please comment on or open an issue, or contribute.

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