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C# 8.0 Preview

Welcome to the preview implementation of C# 8.0!

This preview contains the following features:

  • recursive patterns
  • ranges (to add Range and Index types to your project, you can copy ranges.cs and add a reference to the System.Memory nuget package)

The preview installs on top of Visual Studio 2017 15.5 - 15.7. We would love for you to install it and try it out on existing and new code, then tell us what you think!

You can also try this preview of the language on SharpLab.

Installation instructions

Please note: The preview is pre-release software. The features and behavior may change without notice. Please use for evaluation purposes only.

Please read all instructions before installing.


To install the preview:

  1. Download and extract [latest 05/14/18]
  2. Close all instances of Visual Studio
  3. From cmd.exe, run .\install.bat from the zip root

The script will install experimental versions of the Roslyn extensions for Visual Studio, replacing the existing Roslyn extensions. The extensions will be installed to the default hive of Visual Studio.

The extensions are supported on Visual Studio 15.5, 15.6, and 15.7 only. Before upgrading Visual Studio to a later version, uninstall the extensions using the uninstall.bat script.

Installing or uninstalling directly from Visual Studio (or double-clicking on the individual .vsix files) is not supported. There are dependencies between the extensions and the scripts are necessary to ensure the extensions are installed and uninstalled in order.


To uninstall the preview:

  1. Close all instances of Visual Studio
  2. From cmd.exe, run .\uninstall.bat from the zip root

The script will uninstall the experimental versions of the Roslyn extensions, restoring the original Roslyn extensions.

If uninstall fails uninstalling a particular extension, re-run uninstall.exe. In some cases, it may be necessary to run uninstall.exe several times to complete all extensions.


Please write up your thoughts and send them to us at this Microsoft email address:

We use email so that your feedback is a conversation between you and us at Microsoft. Community discussion is great, but can happen elsewhere. We don't want to distract from understanding what you like and don't like about this feature, and what changes you'd like to see. It is very likely that we will reply with follow-up questions.

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