The .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") provides open-source C# and Visual Basic compilers with rich code analysis APIs.
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Welcome to the .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn")

Windows - Unit Tests

Branch Debug x86 Debug x64 Release x86 Release x64 Determinism Debug Integration Release Integration
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dev15.5.x Build Status Build Status Build Status Build Status Build Status Build Status Build Status
dev15.6.x Build Status Build Status Build Status Build Status Build Status Build Status Build Status
dev16 Build Status Build Status Build Status Build Status Build Status Build Status Build Status

Linux/Mac - Unit Tests

Branch Ubuntu14 Ubuntu16 macOS
master BuildStatus BuildStatus BuildStatus
dev15.0.x BuildStatus BuildStatus
dev15.5.x BuildStatus BuildStatus BuildStatus
dev15.6.x BuildStatus BuildStatus BuildStatus
dev16 BuildStatus BuildStatus BuildStatus

Join the chat at

Roslyn provides open-source C# and Visual Basic compilers with rich code analysis APIs. It enables building code analysis tools with the same APIs that are used by Visual Studio.

Language Design Discussion

We are now taking language feature discussion in other repositories:

Discussion about the transition of language design to the new repos is at

Download C# and Visual Basic

Want to start developing in C# and Visual Basic? Download Visual Studio 2017, which has the latest features built-in. There are also prebuilt Azure VM images available with Visual Studio 2017 already installed.

To install the latest release without Visual Studio, run one of the following nuget command lines:

nuget install Microsoft.Net.Compilers   # Install C# and VB compilers
nuget install Microsoft.CodeAnalysis    # Install Language APIs and Services

Daily NuGet builds of the project are also available in our MyGet feed:

See what's new with the C# and VB compilers.

Source code

Get started


Some of the best ways to contribute are to try things out, file bugs, and join in design conversations.

Looking for something to work on? The list of up for grabs issues is a great place to start.

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.

.NET Foundation

This project is part of the .NET Foundation along with other projects like the class libraries for .NET Core.