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This repository contains test templates that are consumed by dotnet new. The templates are C#, F# and VB languages; for MSTest, NUnit and XUnit testing frameworks. It also contains classic .NET Framework and Universal Test templates for C# and VB.


You can create new test project with dotnet new mstest, dotnet new nunit, or dotnet new xunit. Full documentation for dotnet new is here. And here is documentation for each template: mstest or xunit, nunit.


There are 2 main areas in this repository:

  • template_feed contains the .NET templates that are inserted into dotnet/installer.
  • Templates, WizardExtensions contain "legacy" templates for .NET Framework test projects in VisualStudio.

template_feed contains all the templates from the oldest version of .NET to the newest. We build all of these templates, but might not ship all of them. If you are doing bigger changes please make them in bulk to all the templates.


  • Fork this repository.
  • Clone the forked repository to your local machine.
    • main is our default branch. It should be checked out for you automatically.
    • Create topic branch to hold your change e.g. git checkout -b "update-mstest".
    • Make your changes, commit, and make PR that targets our main branch.

Build & Run

  • Open up a command prompt and navigation to the root of your source code.
  • Run the build script appropriate your environment.
  • When running the build script creates the nuget packages for net core test templates and vsix for classic test templates.
  • The build produces the template NuGet packages currently has a dependency on nuget.exe.
  • Because of this, those that wish to install using the template NuGet packages will need to be on Windows in order to produce the appropriate assets.


  • Users can test the dotnet core templates that reside in the templates_feed folder by running the test script test.cmd
  • Note: Please make sure you have run the build script before you run the test script.