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Welcome to the Try.NET Repo

What is Try.NET ?

Try .NET is an inline code runner and playground that enables people to experiment and learn about C# in the browser.

Note: Currently,Try .NET only supports C# but we do plan to enable support F# and VB in the near future.

What is the repo for?

Examples of the Try .NET

Learn C# with interactive tutorials

Link to C# quick start repl

About the C# Quick starts: You'll learn the basics of C# syntax and how to work with data types like strings, numbers, and booleans. It's all interactive, and you'll be writing code within minutes. These first lessons assume no prior knowledge of programming or the C# language.

Interactive Documentation


Run the snippets in the docs.

Explore Try .NET

Try .NET is the code runner behind the interactive tutorials and snippets. If you would like to explore in its raw state, check it out here.

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Interactive Experiences Online

The number of .NET online code experiences are growing and we are just one of a few out there. Other .NET online code experiences are:

Feel free to add the list