Lightning Talks

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.NET Fringe Lightning talks


If you have a topic your passionate about, and you are attending .NET Fringe, why not submit a Lightning talk?


Lightning talks are 5 minutes with 1 additional minute of setup.

How to submit a talk

Edit this wiki page and add your talk to the table below. We will send you an email if your talk is accepted.


Name Email Title Short abstract Status
Andrea Goulet Typing In Dvorak Why type in this obscure keyboard layout? Tips for getting started Accepted
Robert Reppel Vanquish Legacy Code in 5 Minutes Flat A very concise guide to making legacy systems publish events so you don't have to touch the stuff again and can write shiny new code instead. Accepted
Chris Holt Create full dynamic sites in no time Turn a description of a site into a working crud app in no time with genit. Accepted
Ryan Rousseau FAKE it til you make it An intro to creating build scripts with FAKE - F# Make Accepted
Rafe Kemmis Managing Entity Framework DbContext Instances Using Mehdime DbContextScope Quick overview of one approach to sharing DbContext instances between various parts of your app. Accepted
Dave Glick & Ben Hyrman Giving Back: Your First Pull Request Contributing back to the projects you use; from fork to pull request to merge. Accepted
Robert Zalaudek Event Storming For .NET Projects Event storming is a form of domain-modelling that describes the deliverables of a system in the form of events. I’ll describe how it works and how it can be used to help make any software project succeed. Accepted
Mathew Glodack Making Deployment Less Painful How and why we built our own windows installer. Accepted
Julie Lerman Domain Modeling with the Neko Atsume Kitty Collector Game Neko Atsume has over 10M downloads and over 25K reviews. We’ll use the behaviors of this wildly popular, yet ridiculously simple game, in a little domain modeling exercise. Accepted
Jeremy Abbott High performance multi-target logging with Logary Quick demo of Logary, a high performance logging framework for .NET written in F#. We'll take a look at setting up Logary and how to use it in F# and C#. Accepted
Adam Dymitruk Developing in C# on Linux Quick demo of Project Rider and how it will save .NET Declined
Adam Dymitruk How to run an open source project A look at Pieter Hintjens' C4 protocol for taking contributions from the community and the effects of it on branching, dealing with bad actors and supporting stability. Accepted
Adam Dymitruk Writing your own automated specification authoring system Behaviour Driven Design has a huge problem in the tooling. The tooling is only for geeks. We'll see what it takes to remove that barrier and get everyone to contribute to the specifications regardless of technical skill. Declined
Adam Dymitruk Evolving Architecture A look at using event sourcing for Rapid Application Development. CQRS and DDD are often associated with overwhelmingly complicated, expensive or time-consuming technologies like message buses and stream storage. We'll see why that's not the case and how the core of you applications can be written much faster when you understand the organization that Event Sourcing provides. Declined
Dave Evans Everything you think you know about software development is wrong. Probably... Challenge Everything. Many of the ideas we just take for granted - things we "just know", on closer inspection are not what they seem. Approved
Steven Kirk Introduction to Avalonia Avalonia is a cross-platform UI toolkit, similar to WPF/UWP currently under development Accepted
Anthony van der Hoorn Structuring large scale React/Redux Apps When thinking about using React/Redux at scale, there are surprising few samples to go off. Plenty of people talk about using it, but most of the resources available are relatively simplistic in nature. In this talk we will go through the process and structure we are using based on the requirements and the latest tools available. Accepted
David Kean New C#/VB Project System A (very) early look at some of the changes we're making to the new C#/VB project system that will get Visual Studio out of the way of the developer. Accepted
Glenn Block Scriptcs, what's new In the past year we've added a lot of coolness to scriptcs. I'll take you through the highlights in 5 mins! Accepted
Daniel Plaisted How to be more inclusive in tech Practical tips for how we can make our community more welcoming and inclusive for all people. Slide deck
Abhijeet Patel The love hate relationship of OPTIONS/CORS and IIS Is your enterprise a MSFT shop? Are you writing services secured with Windows auth/Kerberos? CORS wors? I'll go over a quick, relatively low touch solution in 5 minutes to go over what we did to tackle this. Link