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Prize Draw

This is a tool written for the .NET Oxford meetup for when we do prize draws. Whilst primarily written for .NET Oxford, it can be used by any meetup.


Before first running the application, you'll have to point it at your event on At the moment, this is just an app.config setting called MeetupDotComEventId. Start by opening your event on, and copying the event id from the URL. So for example, one of the .NET Oxford events was this one ...

... so the event id for this event is 235884873.

You can enter this into the app by editing the app.config file (it's fairly obvious what to change when you view this file).

Retrieving the list of attendees

The first time you run the application, you'll see a blank screen. Press F5, and a dialogbox will appear with a single button. Press it, and it'll retrieve all the attendees from your event. That is, guests who have RSVPd with 'yes'. This may take a minute, as it also downloads all their profile pictures.

At the time of writing, once this is complete, you'll need to restart the application.


After grabbing all the attendee data, and restarting, you should see a fullscreen window looking something like this ...


Press the space key to start the draw. The selected tile (as shown below), will shuffle randomly where the selected tile will show the attendee's profile picture.


Pressing the space key again will then slow down the shuffle, and after a few seconds, stop on the winning tile. The winning tile will then grow/animate to a much larger tile at the centre of the screen showing both the winner's name and profile picture ...


The winner details will be stored in a text file in the following folder:


This folder is actually also where the list of attendees and their profile images are stored.

Because sometimes you may draw winners that are no-shows, requiring a redraw - you can also press the enter key when on you have a genuine winner - and a second entry will be added to the winner text file for that winner with the text "Flagged as genuine winner". This helps you reconcile the winners later on, and differentiate between no-show winners and actual winners. I added this after having this problem a few times where a had a list of winners, and had forgotten which were re-draws vs genuine winners.

Sounds Effects

There are two sound effects ...

  1. A knocking sound each time the selected tile changes.
  2. A fanfare sound when the selected tile lands on the winner.

These are disabled by default. You can easily enable them by renaming the wav files in the Media folder. Or you can switch them out with other wav files. See the file in the Media folder.