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A reader and decompiler for files in the CHM format
Python HTML Groff
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arCHMage is a reader and decompiler for files in the CHM format. This is the format used by Microsoft HTML Help, and is also known as Compiled HTML.

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Extract CHM content into directory

archmage -x <chmfile> [output directory]

Extraction does not overwrite existing directories.

Dump HTML data from CHM

archmage -d <chmfile>

Convert CHM file into another format

archmage -c (html|text|pdf) <chmfile> [output file]

This feature requires htmldoc(1), and lynx(1) or elinks(1) installed.

Serve CHM contents over HTTP

archmage -p <port> <chmfile|unpacked chm dir>

Serve CHM contents from Apache

Add those lines to your httpd.conf and restart Apache:

AddHandler python-program .chm
PythonHandler archmod.mod_chm

Then http://youserver/sample.chm will serve raw CHM file, and http://yourserver/sample.chm/ will serve unpacked CHM file view.

This feature requires mod_python.


arCHMage requires the following libraries:

  • Python >= 2.3
  • PyCHM
  • Beautiful Soup

Optional dependencies:

  • htmldoc - converting to plain text, single HTML, PDF formats (Debian/Ubuntu: htmldoc)
  • Lynx or ELinks - converting to plain text (Debian/Ubuntu: lynx)
  • mod_python - Apache module (Debian/Ubuntu: libapache2-mod-python)

Use the regular stanza:

python install
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