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Digital Download plugin for Craft CMS

Provide secure digital download links to your files.

This version is for Craft 3. To install it, visit the Plugin Store in your site's Control Panel.

For the Craft 2 version, see

Display a Link

In its most basic form, you can generate a file download link with just a single line of code...

{{ }}

See the full docs on how to display a link...

Create a Token

A token can be generated to denote a specific file download with specific expiration parameters. It's common practice to create a token, then store it for later use.

{% set token = craft.digitalDownload.createToken(file, options) %}

Learn which options are available when creating a token...

Store a Token

Here's a trick for automatically generating tokens. It uses the magic of a Preparse field to store a persistent token in your Entry.

See how to use this with your entries...

Short Download Links

The file download link will mask the actual file location. You have an opportunity to adjust the download link URL...

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