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A Dark Room - A Minimalist Text Adventure
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Continuities Merge pull request #644 from dblark/master
Update Chinese (Simplified) Translation
Latest commit 491d461 Jan 28, 2019
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css Fixing bugs Sep 23, 2016
doc Merge anubisthejackle:issue115 Feb 14, 2015
img Improved pt-br translation Dec 8, 2016
lang Update Chinese (Simplified) Translation Jan 28, 2019
lib Merge pull request #609 from hun0975/patch-6 Dec 17, 2017
script Merge pull request #622 from youknowone/update-pot Sep 19, 2018
tools flake8 and pep257 Nov 11, 2014
.gitignore Marketing stuff, mostly Dec 17, 2016
.jshintrc Add convention pieces. jshintrc and gitattributes Feb 10, 2015
index.html Fix mixed-content warning. Aug 31, 2016

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