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ghost commented Dec 7, 2011

I m trying to run depthjs for chrome in ubuntu 11.10. but is not able to make it function.
i compiled the files in npapi_plugin and when i m loading the manifest.json from the chrome browser to run the extension.. it get installed but it is not functional... it doesn't detect the kinect or show any blobs n all.

Can any one please tell me the exact procedure to be followed to make it run in chrome in ubuntu oneiric.

Thanks in advance

jannone commented Jan 19, 2012

@pntripathi9417 I'm in the same situation. I was able to compile the thing, but then I was not sure what to do with the "" file. Now that you mentioned the manifest file I'll give it a try.
Any help will be much appreciated!

jannone commented Jan 19, 2012

I've made some progress... installed the extension by using Chromium extension options and selecting developer's mode. Then, pointing to chrome-extension-mac path inside DepthJS folder. Now DepthJS is listed there, and an icon appears on my toolbar. But clicking this icon throws an error:

chrome-extension://oacgmoidikmgdakgicblegbocfholoag/popup.html Not Found

Not sure what to do next...

"chrome-extension://oacgmoidikmgdakgicblegbocfholoag/popup.html Not Found"
i have the exact same problem, but on a mac. Any ideas?

xnosek00 commented Apr 1, 2012


I'm running Gentoo linux. But I have the same problem. Is there any way, how to compile and install this software on linux?

There is no documentation about installing on linux and now i don't now, what to do or what log post to this forum.

Does anybody know, what to do?

If I solve this problem, I can write manual: How to install DEPTHJS on linux.

xnosek00 commented Apr 1, 2012

Oh damn. says:

####January 2012: Now working on Linux and Windows Support.
####March 2012: Windows plugin now works with Chrome - use Firebreath to build (see instructions below)

It looks like, that Linux is not supported right now. We have to wait.

Does anybody know, when will be Linux supported?

xnosek00 commented Apr 1, 2012

What a pity, I thought that Linux is already supported.

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