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A little Python script to collect LaTeX sources for upload to the arXiv.
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A small script to collect your LaTeX files for submission to the arXiv. Install with pip install arxiv-collector or conda install -c conda-forge arxiv-collector; use with arxiv-collector [paper.tex] from your project's main directory.

Main features:

  • By default, strips potentially-embarrassing comments from your uploaded .tex files.

  • Includes the necessary parts of any system package you tell it to upload. By default, this includes biblatex (if you use it) to avoid errors like

Package biblatex Warning: File '.bbl' is wrong format version

  • Only uploads things you actually use: if you have an image you're not including anymore or whatever, doesn't upload it.


  • A working installation of latexmk, on your PATH. (This is used to make the .bbl file and to track which files are used.)
    • If you have working TeX and Perl installations, you likely already have latexmk even if you don't use it. If you don't, you can either install latexmk the "normal" way (e.g. tmlgr install latexmk, apt-get install latexmk, ...), or just grab the standalone script with arxiv-collector --get-latexmk path/to/output/latexmk.
    • If latexmk isn't on your PATH for whatever reason, add --latexmk ./path/to/latexmk to your arxiv-collector call.
    • NOTE: latexmk version 4.63b has broken dependency tracking, which means arxiv-collector won't work with it. You can either update it with your package manager, or you can get a working version, e.g. 4.64a, with arxiv-collector --get-latexmk path/to/output/latexmk, and either put it in e.g. ~/bin or pass --latexmk to your arxiv-collector invocations.

The script may or may not work if you do something weird with your tex project layout / etc; always check the arXiv output pdf looks reasonable. Let me know if you run into any problems, including a copy of the not-working project if possible.

Known limitations:

  • If you include figures or other files with absolute paths (\includegraphics{/home/me/wow.png} instead of \includegraphics{../wow.png}), the script will think it's a system file and not include it by default. You can hack it with --include-packages to include any directory name in the path.
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