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Dr. Octagon NFV Laboratory

Dr. Octagon - The Ansible Playbooks

Dr Octagon is my openstack/openshift/k8s lab based in Burlington, VT @ Laboratory B

It's a cluster of 8 nodes (hence oct- prefix) and it's namesake is the Kool Keith persona, "Dr. Octagon" for all you earth people.

So, what's it do?

Right now it's a set of Ansible roles and playbooks for getting OpenStack up and reliably running on this setup, in order to bootstrap it in such a way that I can run other container infrastructures on top of it. I'm using this to build example NFV architectures.

I have a lot bigger plans for what I'd like to do with it, so, expect to find a variety of samples of how to re-mix containerized NFV solutions to come here.

Dr. Octagon network diagram

network diagram

Using the playbooks


Isolating networks

We're going to follow these triplo docs