A simple project showing how to embed Crosswalk into an Android application.
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A simple project showing how to embed Crosswalk into an Android application.

Note: The Crosswalk team has stopped development on this project. You can read more about it here: Crosswalk 23 to be the last Crosswalk release


To open this project in Android Studo:

  1. Download the project or use git to sync it to your computer.
  2. In Android Studio choose: File > Import Project ...
  3. Navigate to your project on disk, select it and choose "OK".


You can run the project in Android Studio or create an APK with the following command:

./gradlew assembleRelease


./gradlew assembleDebug

Exclude x86 libraries

If you want to exclude x86 libraries for a smaller APK, then uncomment this code in build.gradle. This will only build armeabi-v7a libraries.

// Remove other libraries
ndk {
    abiFilters "armeabi-v7a"

64 Bit Build

Crosswalk creates the binaries for ARM 64 here: https://download.01.org/crosswalk/releases/crosswalk/android/maven2/org/xwalk/xwalk_core_library/20.50.533.12

To use one of these instead, first you need to download it:

curl -O https://download.01.org/crosswalk/releases/crosswalk/android/maven2/org/xwalk/xwalk_core_library/20.50.533.12/xwalk_core_library-20.50.533.12-arm64.aar

Then install it to your local maven repository:

mvn install:install-file -DgroupId=org.xwalk -DartifactId=xwalk_core_library \
      -Dversion=20.50.533.12-arm64 -Dpackaging=aar  \
      -Dfile=xwalk_core_library-20.50.533.12-arm64.aar \

Update your build.gradle to use your local maven repository:

repositories {

Then you can reference it in your build.gradle:

compile 'org.xwalk:xwalk_core_library:20.50.533.12-arm64'


More details here: https://diego.org/2015/01/07/embedding-crosswalk-in-android-studio/