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Vagrant method for Emacs' tramp
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#Vagrant TRAMP


vagrant-tramp adds an Emacs TRAMP method for Vagrant boxes. As far as Vagrant is concerned, the TRAMP vagrant method behaves like the built-in vagrant ssh command does. The vagrant-tramp method simply provides auto-completion and a wrapper around vagrant ssh for connecting to boxes.


If you have a recent Emacs with package.el, you can install vagrant-tramp from MELPA.

Or via el-get

Otherwise add it to your emacs load-path.


The TRAMP method vagrant uses vagrant global-status to get a list of running Vagrant boxes for completion:

C-x C-f /vagrant:

Find file: /vagrant:
-> devbox:

Boxes are named using the Vagrantfile directory basename and the VM name (excluding default) to support multi-VM environments. TRAMP opens a connection by cd-ing into the Vagrantfile directory and running vagrant ssh $box_id.

Opening a file as root

Use this trick from the Emacs Wiki, where we replaced "ssh" with "vagrant" and where "box" is a Vagrant box name:

C-x C-f /vagrant:box|sudo:box:/path/to/file RET


The vagrant-tramp-term function provides a convenient way to vagrant ssh into a box using an ansi-term.

M-x vagrant-tramp-term

vagrant ssh to box:
-> devbox:

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