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A journey from QDoc 5 to DocBook

This tool works around the DocBook 5.2 format. It was first built to allow a more modern toolkit to work with Qt qdoc's generated output, and grew to offer many DocBook-related functionalities. Its capabilities:

  • Convert DocBook documents into DOCX and back.
  • Convert DocBook documents into ODT and back {WIP}.
  • Convert DocBook documents into DvpML (proprietary XML vocabulary used only by and back (although the possibilities are more limited than with DOCX).
  • Run's proprietary tools to convert a document into HTML and upload it {WIP}.
  • Merge two versions of a document (either because it was proofread, and some metadata was lost, or because a new version of Qt was released and the existing documentation translation should be updated) {WIP}.
  • Run qdoc to generate Qt's documentation (requires qdoc 5.15, as it is the first version able to generate DocBook) {WIP}.

Repository organisation

Filters for most formats reside in the import and export folders, each within its own folder. These contain the XSLT stylesheets and possibly a few test cases. For transformations that do not rely on XSLT (like DOCX, using Apache POI), there are only tests.

The main code is in main_script.

The folder merge contains stuff about merging two documents. Its contents is in bad shape, right now.


Very useful tool to debug OOXML documents: the tools from the official SDK, v2.5 or the up-to-date SDK (validation only in C#, no desktop application)

CLI to get HTML from the wiki itself: XML-RPC from a working wiki: Pandoc supports DokuWiki dialect: (since 2.6)