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Convert img to base64, or convert base64 to img

var base64Img = require('base64-img');


npm install base64-img --save




.base64(filename, callback)

Convert image file to image base64 data

  • {string} filename required
    The image path
  • {function} callback(err, data) required
    Callback with image base64 data
base64Img.base64('path/demo.png', function(err, data) {})


The api same as base64, but it's synchronous

var data = base64Img.base64Sync('path/demo.png');
var data2 = base64Img.base64Sync('path/demo.svg');

.requestBase64(url, callback)

  • {string} url required
  • {function} callback(err, res, body) required
    Callback with http request
var url = 'http://../demo.png';
base64Img.requestBase64(url, function(err, res, body) {

.img(data, destpath, name, callback)

Convert image base64 data to image

  • {string} data required
    Image base64 data
  • {string} destpath required
    Dest path, if the destpath is root, pass empty string
  • {string} name required
    The image's filename
  • {function} callback(err, filepath) required
base64Img.img('data:image/png;base64,...', 'dest', '1', function(err, filepath) {});

.imgSync(data, destpath, name)

The api same as img, but it's synchronous

var filepath = base64Img.imgSync('data:image/png;base64,...', '', '2');