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Removed -Wno-deprecated flag from bison as it is not support on the b…

…ison 2.3 that ships with XCode
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Dimitri van Heesch
Dimitri van Heesch committed Sep 28, 2017
1 parent 3aa86ce commit 6c288bf0e7548117aa358719aaecffedcc579590
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@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ set_source_files_properties(${GENERATED_SRC}/configoptions.cpp PROPERTIES GENERA
# ce_parse.h
COMMAND ${BISON_EXECUTABLE} -l -d -p ce_parsexpYY -Wno-deprecated ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/src/constexp.y -o ce_parse.c
COMMAND ${BISON_EXECUTABLE} -l -d -p ce_parsexpYY ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/src/constexp.y -o ce_parse.c
DEPENDS ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/src/constexp.y
@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ FLEX_TARGET(xmlcode xmlcode.l ${GENERATED_SRC}/xmlcode.cpp
FLEX_TARGET(sqlcode sqlcode.l ${GENERATED_SRC}/sqlcode.cpp COMPILE_FLAGS "${LEX_FLAGS}")
FLEX_TARGET(configimpl configimpl.l ${GENERATED_SRC}/configimpl.cpp COMPILE_FLAGS "${LEX_FLAGS}")
BISON_TARGET(constexp constexp.y ${GENERATED_SRC}/ce_parse.cpp COMPILE_FLAGS "-Wno-deprecated ${YACC_FLAGS}")
BISON_TARGET(constexp constexp.y ${GENERATED_SRC}/ce_parse.cpp COMPILE_FLAGS ${YACC_FLAGS})
add_library(doxycfg STATIC

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