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A ClojureScript wrapper for the Phaser HTML5 game framework.

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What is Phaser?

Phaser is a fast, free and fun open source framework for Canvas and WebGL powered browser games. It supports several physics libraries, tilemaps, sprite and vector animations, and audio/video rendering, as well as many other features.

Okay, so what is phzr?

The phzr wrapper aims to provide a complete facade over the Phaser library. Namespaces in phzr should line up with the corresponding Phaser Javascript class hierarcy, i.e. Phaser.AnimationManager can be referenced at phzr.animation-manager. Instance methods for a class namespace always take an instance of that class as the first argument. Static methods do not, and are denoted by a trailing hyphen. If the corresponding Phaser class can be instantiated, the phzr namespace will also include a constructor function which follows the Clojure record constructor arrow naming scheme.

Along with the namespace wrappers, phzr also extends each Phaser class to implement a number of useful Clojure protocols. Currently, this allows functions like get, get-in, and seq to work on Phaser objects. As phzr develops, it may extend Phaser classes to more core protocols. When working with Phaser objects in phzr, only public properties are exposed through the protocol implementations. If a Phaser class has constants, the corresponding phzr namespace will have a const function which takes a keyword as an argument. All property and constant names have been converted to Clojure-style kebab-case keywords.

Additionally, Phaser classes implement the IPhaserObj protocol defined in the phzr.core namespace. Currently, this protocol specifies a function pset!, which allows phaser object properties to be mutated directly. The pset! function works similarly to aset, differing in that it accepts only the keyword-ized versions of the object property names, and will not allow mutations on properties marked as read-only or internal.

How do I get started?

Just include the phzr library in your ClojureScript project's build dependencies. The phzr library makes use of the awesome cljsjs package system to pull in the correct Phaser javascript source automatically.

Once you've got phzr installed in your project, check out the Phaser documentation and learning resources to get started using Phaser.

Check out the phzr-demo app for some examples!

How can I contribute?

Check the phzr github project for open issues and feel free to submit a PR.

In the immediate future, the phzr source needs to be reviewed for accuracy. Most of the source was auto-generated by parsing a JSON representation of the source which was itself generated from the jsdoc comments in the Phaser javascript code. Check out the gen-phzr app for more details.

Several of the Phaser demo projects have been implemented successfully using phzr as an initial sanity test, but there are almost certainly dark corners and special cases which will need to be hand-tweaked.


Copyright © 2015 Dylan Paris

Distributed under the MIT License.


A ClojureScript wrapper for the Phaser HTML5 game framework




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