Chromium tabs for cocoa applications. Developed as part of Kod (rsms/kod)
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Chromium Tabs

Chromium Tabs is a Cocoa framework for building applications that works like Chromium's window system.

  • An application has multiple windows
  • Each window represents a unit of tabs
  • Each tab represents a stateful view
  • Each tab can be freely dragged between windows

Important: This is currently work in progress and the framework API will change often.

Requirements: OS X 10.5 or later.


The framework is distributed with an @rpath which means it should be embedded into your applications' Contents/Frameworks directory. In Xcode you can add a new "Copy Files" action with the "Frameworks" destination to your target.

Then you need to do at least two things:

  1. #import <ChromiumTabs/ChromiumTabs.h>
  2. [CTBrowser openEmptyWindow] when your application has started (e.g. in the application delegates' applicationDidFinishLaunching:)

The example application (in examples/simple-app/) illustrates basic usage and likes to be inspected while you drink coffee. It looks like this:

A slightly boring screenshot of the example application

When building a "real" application you will need to sublcass at least the CTBrowser class which factorises tabs and their content. The example application do this at a very basic level (provides custom tab content).


Visit the download section on GitHub to download the latest release of the framework and the example application.


  1. Check out (or download) the source code
  2. Open chromium-tabs.xcodeproj in Xcode
  3. Choose your target and hit "Build"

There is also an optional example application in the Xcode project. You build it by selecting the "Chromium Tabs" target.


See the LICENSE file for details.