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RibTools is an experiment in writing an off-line renderer based on Pixar's RenderMan interface and the REYES rendering architecture.

At the core of RibTools there is RibRender, the rendering engine, built with speed and scalability in mind.

Parallelism is implemented at all levels:

  • Instruction level (adaptive N-way SIMD)
  • Many-core hardware (multi-threading)
  • Network-distributed rendering (custom protocol over TCP/IP)

RibTools is a rather crude experiment and it's only tested against a small selection of simple scenes included in the project.

Building & running

Instructions for Windows and Visual Studio.

  1. Go to Sources/ and launch make_build.bat

  2. Open build/RibTools.sln with Visual Studio

  3. Choose the Release build (Debug may be too slow)

  4. Right click on RibRenderToy and choose Set as StartUp Project

  5. Right click on RibRenderToy then Properties -> Debugging -> Working Directory and set it to ..\..\Distrib

  6. Run

  7. Right click in the window to load a test object

That's all !